618 Queen City Squadron has seen many changes over our 50+ years of history.

First commanded by Flight Lieutenant D.J. Fielding, the Squadron started training cadets on November 17, 1955, and was granted a charter from the Air Cadet League of Canada on January 10, 1956. The Sponsoring Committee at that time was the Parkdale Lions Club and squadron training was conducted at Fort York Armouries. The squadron was known then as 618 Parkdale Lions Squadron. In 1957, the Parkdale Lions Club withdrew their sponsorship, and 408/437 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association of Canada  became our new sponsor. 618 then adopted the name Queen City.


oUR past CREST

From about 1960 to 2015

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From 2016 to Present

Did you know? Our current crest was designed by one of our very own cadets!

From about 1960 to 2015, we used this as our Squadron logo.

The Squadron moved from Fort York Armouries to the former Signal Corps Armouries on Spadina Avenue. In 1965/66 the squadron moved to its current location – HMCS York. The Squadron was then under the enduring 17 years tenure of Squadron Leader Eugene Maliszewski, who turned over command to Captain Ernie Wright in 1976.

In 1986, the Mississauga Central Lions Club began to sponsor the Band and in 1993, they assumed full sponsorship. They continued to sponsor the Squadron until 1999, when Branch 360 of the Royal Canadian Legion became the Squadron’s Sponsor. In 2005, Branch 360 lost their charter and the members of the sponsoring committee quickly moved to form the Queen City Committee. Although it was the same group of people, it is now a group dedicated solely to the sponsorship of 618 Queen City Squadron.

At one time, the committee was really a one-man show, with Mr. Armin Konn (pictured above) operating as the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Queen City Committee is made up of private citizens, who volunteer their time to be the Squadron’s partner, helping to raise funds for our activities, and managing the Squadron’s assets.


Mr. Armin Konn

At one time, the committee was really a one-man show, with Mr. Armin Konn operating as the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

In 2009, the parents of 618 came together as a voluntary Parent Committee. They started with a handful of parents to help out with extracurricular activities such as setting up for events and preparing food for our Mess Dinners. In 2011, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 210, “Colonel JEL Streight” became an official sponsor.