Annual Ceremonial Review - Information

Annual is on Saturday June 8th. This is the most important day on the cadet calendar, and everyone is expected to be present.

ALL CADETS MUST be at HMCS YORK at 8:00am on Saturday the 8th. Bring your uniform on a hanger.

Parents and guests should be seated by 12:30 and potluck food delivered by 12:00.

Make sure your uniform is in top shape. As part of the ceremony, you will be inspected by the commanding officer of HMCS York. Awards will also be given, and graduating cadets will be honoured.

Potluck Information

After Annual there will be a potluck reception. We request that all cadets contribute as best they can to the potluck. Please email with what you are bringing and any requirements. We can keep things cold at HMCS York but we CANNOT heat anything. So anything that requires cooking must be done ahead of time.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the 8th! Bring your friends and family!