Welcome Back

Once again September has arrived.  With it comes cooler temperatures, pumpkin flavoured everything, schedules, school and of course the new cadet year.

The staff of 618 are extremely excited about this year.  Its filled with exciting opportunities and new experiences for all of our cadets and staff.  I'm delighted to be returning again as your Commanding Officer and as always I'm honoured to work with such an amazing group of young men and women.

There are a few important messages to everyone:

  • Signup for your tagging shifts ASAP.  The signup is online here.
  • Our first FTX is September 28 to 30
  • Our first gliding is October 20
  • Ground school will be on Wednesdays, more details to follow.

If you are new to 618 welcome!  Come talk to the officers and we will get you started.  

To all our current cadets - help spread the word!!!  The squadron always needs new cadets, so share your incredible experiences with your friends, family, and school.  If you need help let us know.